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Architecture in a Box

We offer hands-on architecture education and fun architecture games for kids and teenagers.
We aim to raise awareness about the built-up environment and learn about our towns, cities, history and culture while having fun.
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Find online courses for Teenagers and Educators that revolve around Design Thinking, Architecture and Entrepreneurship.

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Meet the Founder

Hello! My name is Aseel Honein. I am an Architect and the founding Managing Partner of
Val de Fii, sustainable real estate development company based in Lebanon.
I am constantly rethinking sustainable development to address socio-cultural
and environmental issues through public private collaborations, people participatory
approach and raising awareness programs. 

As part of my firm's CSR, we started organizing ‘Parallel Studio’ workshops to address the gaps found in architecture education, practice and society. Parallel Studio has been awarded several international and local awards and launched ‘Architecture in a Box’ into the market in response to the global pandemic.

I have taught at universities since 2011 several topics in Architecture and Business School which cultivated my leadership skills and triggered my interest in addressing complex societal issues through demystifying good sustainable development practices. I am passionate about creating opportunities to expand the role of young graduates and women in STEAM fields. I have held various global workshops that revolve around design thinking and the inclusion of service design and social innovation in education in Spain, India, Belgium, Dubai, Lebanon, New York and Philippines. I have been published in Top Middle East Architect Book V.

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