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In this post, we will share information about what we love to do most: ‘Learn & Play’ and learning by doing. Learning by doing has a few terms that are associated with it: active learning, experiential learning, inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning, and project-based learning.

Architecture in a Box addresses the gaps in how to apply knowledge. Instead of just having thoughts about a topic, learners create meaningful, authentic connections with their environment. We believe in architecture education as a development tool for teenagers and kids to learn about cities and how to become well-informed, cultivated, and proactive citizens.

While more students are visual learners than auditory learners, many can only learn by doing. The hands-on learning approach has proved to be the most effective teaching method when it comes to active learning because it consists of the following key benefits: physical engagement, applying information, decision-making, risk-taking, trial and error, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, team building, diversity & inclusion, simulate reality towards preparedness, communication skills.

We are excited to share our newly launched paper and 3D kits in the market, especially this time of the year when many parents and teachers are looking for fun activities and the perfect gifts. The new products are Smart City 3D, Amsterdam 3D, Amsterdam Paper City, and New York Paper City. Stay tuned to learn about them in our upcoming posts!